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You should have known that we love poetry and this is one amazing piece by Toni Payne to reckon with. You need to really... POEM : Toni Payne – I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN

You should have known that we love poetry and this is one amazing piece by Toni Payne to reckon with. You need to really listen to the audio to connect with the dept of this art.

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I met him in the city of angels.

Fresh out of school, he was taking a course.

His smile so divine, I was glad when he became mine.

Then I let him go……

I should have known it was you.

The formal introduction, was so simple.

My corporate guy, loved the way he rocked that suit and tie.

The one whose eyes smile when around me.

The one who is there when naysayers surround me.

I was naive, maybe a bit foolish,

I trusted in words was a bit impatient,

I should have waited for his next move.

As time went by it just happened,

Got carried away by the sweet words of another.

Now you are gone, but definitely not in the arms of another.

Your heart now guarded, I sit and ponder.

I should have known it was you.

Your soft voice when you address me.

Your warm touch when you undress me.

The taste of your lips, when we kiss,

Those are some things I really miss.

Sincerity in words and also in action,

Compassionate u are, caring, attentive,

You wanted the best for me,

Supported my hustle

I should have known it was you.

But I was carried away,

Carried away by what seemed like a happier life without you,

But I never did find that peace without you.

Overtime I began to reason,

I saw the truth after many seasons.

The sweet words failed me.

The promises denied me.

Now I’m feeling all alone.

Wishing I started my life with you,

I know with you, I would have a happy home.

Though you were never really gone,

You kept in touch,

But not that much.

You let me know that u still cared,

I avoided it cos I was scared.

Years gone by we meet again,

Desire still apparent in your eyes.

We sit and talk,

You hold my hand,

You make me smile,

You make me laugh,

You kiss my lips,

While grabbing my hips.

We make sweet love,

It feels amazing,

You catch me gazing,

Thinking to myself,

Could you be back in my life?

This journey has been so rife.

Because now I fully realize,

In my element I need you,

At my best I crave you,

With all my soul I respect you

With every breath I take, I love you.

I should have known it was you,

It couldn’t have been anybody but you.

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